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Product Customisation and Design

If you need specialist technology, such as Push to Talk headsets or a handset with bespoke or limited functionality, we can use our own in house skills or engage with our manufacturers to design and develop a solution for your requirements.

Third Party Storage and Logicsitcs

Auroz provides both our customers and also our manufacturers access to our warehouse, logistics and fulfillment capabilities so they can store products for project deployment, or spare components in case there is an onsite failure and a fast response is required.

Lifecycle and Environmental Management

With many customers aware of the environmental impact their technology choices can make, we proactively work with our customers to develop processes to allow them to not only keep with the latest technology but also responsibly recycle their old devices.

User Training and Adoption

Changing voice and video technology can sometimes be difficult for users to adopt. The team at Auroz have been a trusted partner to many organisations who have embraced new technologies. We have been used to provide group training or 1-on-1 sessions to ensure that the benefits of the solution are realised.



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