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Plathosys – solutions for the industry & communication sector

USB handsets (e.g. for Skype for Business) are popular accessories especially in times of unified communications – for many, nothing beats the familiar convenience of a handset. With Plathosys, Horst Platz Beratungs- & Vertriebs GmbH develops Europe’s leading USB handset series. 

Turn your PC into a powerful phone with the Plathosys CT PRO USB handsets.

Simply install the appropriate VoIP application/softphone software (Unify, Skype for Business etc.) on your PC and you can make calls in a network with the handset from your PC – the well-designed USB handsets guarantee comfortable working.

Most Plathosys USB handsets are Unify Ready, support Wildix Unified Communications solutions and are Skype for Business certified.


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