Konftel 300IP conference phone

Konftel 300IP is SIP-based, has a built-in bridge for 5-way calls, convenient web-based configuration and supports Power over Ethernet. Expansion options also make it ideal for very large occasions.

Room type: Small to Medium
Expandable with additional microphones
Connection to PA system (PA box)
Connect a wireless headset
OmniSound ® with HD audio
Recording on memory card
Free software updates
Power over Ethernet
Climate Neutral Certified
Built-in bridge for 5-way calls
Efficient, scalable provisioning
Two-year warranty
Web-based configuration

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SKU 910101079
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SKU: 910101079
Item Type: Hardware
Warranty : 2 Years Manufacturer
Brochure: Link
Item requires renewal : No


The Konftel 300IP is perfect for both cloud-based and traditional IP platforms, giving you everything you need for effective, top-quality distance meetings. Konftel’s OmniSound® audio technology delivers crystal-clear, natural HD audio.

During calls: Put calls on hold. Call waiting. Park/retrieve calls (if supported by PBX). Move incoming calls. Request. Music on hold. Dial plan.
Number dialing: Telephone numbers and SIP URI. ENUM Support E.164 (if supported by PBX).
Multi-party calls: Local 5-way calls. Two configurable SIP accounts.

Technology: OmniSound® with support for HD audio, full duplex, automatic echo cancellation and noise suppression.
Microphone: Omnidirectional 360˚.
Pick-up range: Up to 12 people (30 m²), with expansion microphones up to 20 people (70 m²).
Frequency: 200 – 7000 Hz.
Volume: Max 90 dB SPL 0.5 m.
Equalizer: Three settings – dark, neutral, bright.
Codecs: G722, G711 A-law, G711 μ-law, G729ab.