Interquartz IQ750BLP

IQ750 Caller ID telephone is a high quality PABX or Direct Line business telephone that offers visual message waiting indication in both environments, it boasts a high-quality speakerphone and soft-programmable network feature keys. It provides built-in headset amplifier that suits many headset models that allows the user to a wide choice of headset types to suit personal tastes. It also features a name/number display, 120 name/number memories, missed calls indicator.

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MFR Interquartz


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IQ750B supplied with Lithium batteries x 4

Handsfree Speakerphone
Fully PABX and Centrex compatible including multi-platform message waiting
Compatible with Cisco’s message signal
Optional headset stand and riser
Headset support suits many Headset models from many different vendors
120 name and number memories, 20 of which appear on shortcut keys
Pre-programmable memories to store network feature codes
Caller ID Display with Nortel DMS on-screen message waiting
Fully compatible with Caller ID Call Waiting (CIDCW)
80 name & number incoming Caller List
Acoustic Shock Protection for Headset and Handset
Volume Control for Headset and Handset earpiece
Hearing Aid compatible
Wall Mountable
Suits Business, SOHO and Domestic applications
Genuine ten (10) year parts and labour warranty