Embrava Flow Feature License per user per annum

Patented technology that learns how you work and automatically modifies your work environment to keep you “in the zone.”

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Achieving flow in the modern workplace is impossible

Local Interruptions
Walk-ups and loud colleagues are a major contributor preventing information workers from reaching and holding flow when completing tasks in the workplace.

Remote Interruptions
Email, instant messages and other notifications constantly interrupt workers causing a ‘stop-start’ way of working which significantly increases the errors and duration of completing a task.

Existing Status
Platform Ineffective
The Status mechanism provided by all major UC platforms such as Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber are ineffective. It is manual and static and does not accurately reflect when a user is actually busy.

Introducing Embrava FlowTM
Innovative new technology, developed in conjunction with the University of Zurich and ABB Corporate Research, that learns how a user works and can automatically change the users work environment to keep them “in the zone”.

Machine Learning
An interruptibility algorithm that learns how a user works that can automatically detect when they are focussed based on how they interact with their computer.

Smart Status
Dynamically change the digital status of the UC platform to eliminate remote interruptions in addition to automatically changing the color of our physical status lights to reduce local interruptions and keep the user focussed on their task.

Boost Workplace Productivity
Embrava Flow has been scientifically proven to reduce interruptions and boost productivity in the workplace which, in turn, improves employee wellbeing and directly impacts the company’s bottom line.

Embrava FlowTM – scientifically proven to boost workplace productivity

To evaluate the effectiveness of Embrava Flow, a large-scale and long-term field study with 449 knowledge workers from 12 countries and 15 sites of a multinational corporation was performed.

46% Reduced Interruptions
Embrava Flow significantly reduced the number of local and remote interruptions faced by an information worker by up to 46%.

60% Increased Productivity
Up to 60% of users felt that Embrava Flow allowed them to get their work done and be more productive in the office.

70% Status Respected
A significant majority of users in the field study explicitly stated that Embrava Flow and status lights were respected in their office.