Desk Sign 1-499, Desk Booking Smart Sensor

Desk Sign minimum order of 1-499

Designed for hot desking, office hoteling and
activity-based work environments

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MFR Embrava


Item Type: Hardware
Item requires renewal : No


Workspace Availability
Allow users to quickly determine which workspaces are available to be used

Easily Locate Employees
Allow users to quickly find and identify colleagues as they move around the workplace

Workspace Usage Reporting
Understand how workspaces are being used to help reduce capital and operating costs

COVID Response Features

Keep your employees safe when implementing your back-to-office strategy

Social Distancing
Allow facility managers to disable and enable desks on demand so they can keep their employees at a safe distance apart. Desks can be brought back online progressively with one-click once restrictions start to ease.

Awaiting Clean
Implement a desk cleaning protocol with the Desk Sign. Desks can be automatically disabled after use and easily enabled again once confirmed cleaned by having the cleaner simply tap their badge on the device.

Contact Tracing
When enabled, the Desk Sign can be used to capture who sat where and when. In the event an employee tests positive for COVID-19, our solution can help identify which workspaces were used by that employee and which colleagues may have come into contact with them so the appropriate actions can be undertaken.