Auroz Partners

Auroz provides two types of access to our systems. BASIC – provides a great experience if you’re just browsing, not quite sure what you are looking for, or just want to see what’s in our product range. ADVANCED – is for if you have pricing support for your customers and you already know what products you require. Advanced also provides access to your account balance and also lets you view invoices.

Become an Auroz partner today. If you’re new to us, please click the following link and we will set you up with an Auroz BASIC login. We’ll also work with you to ensure that you are ready to start with us with as little fuss as possible.

Login to the Auroz Partner Portal. Designed for browsing, viewing our stock levels and also placing orders where project pricing is not required. Contact us if you do not have your own personalised login.

Login to the Advanced Auroz Partner Portal. Ideal for when you have multiple customers with negotiated pricing support, or if you’re accounts payable and require access to your invoices and account balances. Contact us if you require a personalised login.