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Authorised Partner Program – Headsets Australia

Become an ALE Authorised Headset Partner

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is expanding its product offering in Australia.

Currently, a range of entry-level USB corded headsets is available, with more exciting products such as Stereo Bluetooth ANC and a Camera with a built-in speaker.

To launch this product series, ALE seeks qualified partners to identify opportunities for their products.

The aim is to create an Authorised Partner program that allows those who range, sell and stock their products preferential access to pricing, demonstration units and early product samples (where available)

What is required to become an authorised partner?

There will be several tiers of partners available:

Tier Discount Min Sales 1st Year Stock on Hand Use of Logo
Standard N/A N/A No N
Silver 5% $3,000 Yes, $250 Y
Gold 10% $7,000 Yes, $500 Y
Platinum 15% $12,000 Yes, $900 Y

You, as the partner can choose your preferred tier when you first sign up for the program. Tiers will be reviewed yearly in consultation with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and your Auroz Account Manager.

Frequently asked questions

We are aware the ALE had not typically been known in the market for Headsets and other Unified Communications accessories. The tiers are low intentionally for the first year to allow partners to grow their businesses. It is expected that the tiers will become harder for new partners to achieve.

No. Any change in the yearly target will be in consultation with you beforehand.

Yes, while we accept that some partners do not tend to hold much stock – this is a requirement to show commitment to growing the partnership together. We believe the on-hand value should be low to accept the balance between the Manufacturer, Distributor and Reseller Partner and the fact that the products are perceived as new to the market.

In 2023, a range of products is coming – such as a Bluetooth Headset with ANC and a Speakerphone with a built-in HD Camera. We believe the time to start partnering with ALE is today.

The team comprises two gentlemen, Jimmy Wang and Davy Zhang. Both are committed to growing their business in Australia in the next 12 months.

How do I apply?

You can apply via your Auroz Account Manager by going online and submitting a form or by contacting Jimmy or Davy directly.

Your application will be reviewed by both ALE and Auroz, and a response will aim to be received in 7-10 days.

If approved, you will receive a certificate of your ALE Authorisation as well as a logo you can use on your website, social media or other business requirements.

Your Authorised logo use is allowed as long as you continue to be part of the Authorised Partner Program.

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