Auroz News

December 3, 2021

Auroz In Good Health

Communications supply specialist Auroz is helping revolutionise the eHealth sector with groundbreaking technology that bridges the distance between potentially life-saving consultations and treatments – hailed as a milestone on a global scale.

Auroz has teamed up with world leading German manufacturer Horst-Platz GmbH to offer the Plathosys CT 460 Pro USB handset which seamlessly integrates with sophisticated mobile eHealth stations for crystal clear, instant audio – in addition to visual communication.

“Whether telemedicine or digital consultation in the hospital: the right eHealth IT equipment is vital,” says Auroz Sales and Marketing Manager, Ryan St John.

“Professionally compiled IT solutions contribute to secure communication. Whether in consultation with specialists and medical experts in complex consultation cases right in the patient’s room, or via increasingly developed telemedicine.”

The plug-and-play Plathosys CT 460 Pro delivers optimal acoustic performance as part of a portable emedicine resource – working in tandem with today’s Unified Communication platforms. It features an included loudspeaker, operated at the touch of a button.

Ryan says the digitalization of rounds was becoming ever more common, even before the outbreak of Covid-19.

“Tele-consultations and emedicine are increasingly replacing practice visits. What is already established in Australia for geographical reasons is gaining ground everywhere due to structural changes in rural areas: eHealth and telemedicine. Precise image transmission and perfect acoustic speech are essential for making the right medical decisions from a distance – and we are delighted to offer this innovative handset solution.”

Simple and easy to disinfect, the Plathosys CT 460 Pro is based on easy set-up and intuitive operation, as Ryan emphasised: “If necessary, all those present can listen in and discuss. No debriefing is required as there’s no loss of information. It’s a major step forward for the whole industry.”

Horst-Platz GmbH CEO, Uwe Platz, has hailed the Plathosys handset as a groundbreaking milestone.

“Mobile eHealth stations set a new standard in helping revolutionise the future of heath care and telemedicine. This USB handset from Plathosys is a milestone for improved cooperation and communication. Every visit and every consultation requires crystal clear voice transmission. It’s easy to use, instantly usable as a speaker, and works perfectly with Unified Comms platforms such as Microsoft Teams. We are proud to be working with Auroz and its reseller partner base to bring this dynamic device across Australia.”