New Tech And A New Face Welcomed

Fast-growing UC distributor Auroz is celebrating a double boost – expanding its customer support team with a new addition, and also welcoming powerful new product innovations from EPOS Audio that can help businesses adapt and enhance their Covid-19 safety plans.

Amanda Morton has joined the expanding company to extend her 10-year customer service expertise, specialising in IT. She has been recruited from HP distributor EMPR and has previous experience at ICT Service Provider, Data#3. In a further boost Auroz has added the EXPAND 80 speakerphone from EPOS to its growing product range and welcomed the launch of a true mobile DECT Headset for communication anywhere and everywhere.

Auroz Sales and Marketing Manager Ryan St John, says the appointment of Amanda is further evidence of the company’s continued progression – as more workers across the country start to return to their offices.

“It’s been a very busy year and we are delighted to welcome Amanda to our team. She brings a wealth of experience and is a great addition, ensuring we continue to provide the highest levels of customer support.”

Turning to the EXPAND 80, Ryan highlighted: “In an era when more people are returning to the office, the EXPAND 80 is the perfect solution to provide safe ways of conferencing, from a social distance.

“Users can unite colleagues with a premium, scalable Bluetooth device for up to 16 in-room participants. They can be heard thanks to six adaptive, beamforming microphones that isolate voices from room reverb and ambient noise. It’s a superior speaker for rich, natural sound. Finished with a sleek, high quality Scandinavian design, users can align with their team through perfect audio and superior style.”

There’s also a version certified for Microsoft Teams to cover meetings with up to seven in-room participants, as Ryan highlighted: “For larger meetings, users can add one or two expansion microphones—the EXPAND 80 Mic—to accommodate meetings with 11 or 18 in-room participants, enabling professionals to adapt to the demands of their business, while maintaining a professional conference table with smart cable management developed for optimal system function and ease of use.

“Empower collective performance with this advanced speakerphone that isolates human voices from distracting background noises, so that everyone in the room can be heard and colleagues out of the office are closer to the conversation.”

Furthermore, the EXPAND 80T features a dedicated Teams button, so users can launch the Teams app instantly to ensure intuitive and streamlined experiences such as one touch meetings.

“With its core focus on medium to larger meeting rooms, the EXPAND 80 innovation strengthens our repertoire to support all meeting room sizes, and supports EPOS’ ambition to make communication with colleagues and customers simply a matter of plug-and-play,” Ryan emphasised. It is priced at $1,149 (MRSP inc GST).

In addition, he is excited by the launch of a new set of longer-range wireless headsets. EPOS’ latest innovation does away with a traditional desk base station and connects an IMPACT 5000 DECT headset directly to a laptop or PC through a compact, discreet plug-and-play USB dongle.

“From the busy office with high-density DECT environments to a home office, the DECT dongle keeps users mobile and productive without the need to move and install cumbersome base stations. There’s no need to find desk space and a power outlet. Plug the USB dongle into a PC or laptop and they are ready to go.

“It combines simplicity with mobility for true communication on the go. With the IMPACT 5000 headset series and the DECT dongle, just one headset is all people need to work from anywhere. Enjoy the peace of mind with superior wireless DECT security, superior call quality and seamless connectivity with this neat, simple, mobile solution.”

He concluded: “These latest EPOS solutions, along with many others available from Auroz can help form an integral part of a company’s plan to allow employees a safe return to the office, work from home or combine the two. In these unpredictable times technology is playing a frontline role in allowing people and their employers to remain productive in a covidsafe way.”

Auroz Growth Continues

Fast-growing UC distributor Auroz is utilising the latest technologies from EPOS | Sennheiser and Audiocodes to inspire a home working sales boom where demand has accelerated by over 600%.

Microsoft Teams certified devices such as headsets and speakerphones together with busylights from Kuando are helping resellers transition their customers to a home working revolution.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Ryan St John, says the new ADAPT Line series of headsets and Expand speakerphones from EPOS are proving particularly popular along with the latest conferencing innovations from Audiocodes.

Demand for collaboration solutions has rocketed to record levels in recent months, ensuring traditional office-based workers can operate more flexibly and just as effectively from home.

“We expected that once businesses enabled their employees to work from home that we would see demand for headsets in particular go back to pre-pandemic levels. Instead what we are seeing six months later is a high demand for more premium products. The low-cost headset effectively enabled people to work from home quickly in large numbers, and now those people are seeing there’s products that allow you to be even more productive. While EPOS and Audiocodes are our biggest sellers along with Kuando and Embrava presence indicators we offer an extensive product portfolio from other world leaders such as conferencing specialists Konftel and Starleaf.”

Managing Director, Jason North, says work has become ‘something you do, not where you go’. He believes there are many more opportunities for resellers and systems integrators to exceed their own customers’ expectations, based on high quality technologies available from Auroz. He also questions if the old ways of working will ever return as before.

Auroz is also enjoying lots of success with ISDN gateways that help keep legacy phone systems operating, especially in the healthcare and government sectors, where more SIP-based alternatives are having to be deployed.

“The Covid crisis has been a terrible experience for so many people and our thoughts and prayers remain with all those affected,” said Jason. “Here at Auroz we are playing a frontline role in helping businesses adapt to very challenging times. For many months we have been extremely busy and we continue to work hard with our growing army of resellers to ensure companies big and small can take advantage of the latest technologies – to not just survive but thrive during these difficult days – and keep the country’s economy moving forward.”

In addition, Auroz has been forging productive new partnerships, to further fuel business growth - after teaming up with smart technology specialist VAVA and also world leading German manufacturer Horst-Platz GmbH to offer the Plathosys CT 460 Pro USB handset which seamlessly integrates with sophisticated mobile eHealth stations for crystal clear, instant audio – in addition to visual communication.

Auroz has added VAVA’s acclaimed USB hubs and 4K laser projectors to its traditional UC product portfolio – and for the first time, dashcams too.

“USB hubs and projectors will find a natural home with our existing channel, while the dashcams are an exciting new addition which I’m sure will give new channel partners the opportunity to experience working with Auroz,” Jason pointed out.